29 September 2015

Beautiful Things

TOTOKAELO "Thank You" card
Rutilated Quartz

I don't know what Totokaelo's thank you cards are looking like these days ...been a while since I last ordered anything from them... but I couldn't help but keep these around. They're on display in my workspace. I love when sunlight comes in and bounces off of the glass jug I have sitting right next to it. 

Found this great piece of quartz at one of my favorite stores in the city, Left Coast Modern. LCM is actually a mid-century home furnishings store. He just randomly had this beautiful stone! It was love at first sight. It's palm sized, so, pretty big! It's cut at some neat angles and comes to a point at the top. Also in my workspace and especially lovely when light shines through it. Even on a hazy day it sort of glows ^_^

14 September 2015

ALEXANDER WANG Marlene flat sandals
ALEXANDER WANG Malgosia heeled sandals

Yep, I'm one of those people who purchase multiples (color or version) when I find something I like. 

24 August 2015

Chicago: August 7-10, 2015






Yup. I'm gonna say that Chicago is my second hometown. As usual, met cool people and ate great food. Mr. Sheep was SO excited, he had his little nose pressed up against the window as we arrived! (Thanks for photobombing my shot of the city... silly sheep.)

Came up for a movie premier. Hoped it would lead to a job but it didn't quite pan out. It's all good though, better to figure that out sooner rather than later. 

Freelancing is fun but weird. It's about keeping one's eyes and ears open for signs both positive and negative. I am sorta just starting out, so t's hard not jumping at every "opportunity" or taking people at their word. You know what I mean? In the end this was a valuable learning experience and I still had a great weekend.

Used the time to get to know people (people I've seen the last few times) better, make some new pals, and best of all revive an old passion of mine for fine arts photography. About puked at my barstool after biting into a VERY spicy pickled jalapeƱo hahaha. Got to attend a birthday party at a 3D printing space. Left this city with fresh eyes, a new sense of purpose, a delicious lunch sandwich from Arbor, and a 3D printed brain bottle opener. I know that sounds super cheesy but seriously. Every time I go up I come home feeling different - in a good way! Like, reinvented. 

Oh and hopefully very good news to come soon. My best friend is interviewing for a job up there. Keeping my fingers crossed for her! I'll miss her >_< but this is the type of job she's been wanting, it's with a highly regarded accounting firm, and of all places it's in my favorite city. Events are great and all but visiting my sister from another mister ? Nothing even compares :) 

S/O to Simon, Louis, Jillian, Mark, and James @ Thompson Chicago, Chef Jason @ Izakaya Momotaro, Stephen, Abby, and Travis!

05 August 2015

Happy 3 :) :) :)


I love mine so much that I bought my honeybunz a pair in all-white for our 3rd wedding anniversary.
#powercouple (Not us, haha. The shoes.)

02 August 2015

Chicago: June 25-27, 2015













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No show this time, just a chance to hang out with my godparents. God-pop had business in the city, God-mama had people to visit, and I was offered a ride up and opportunity to spend some quality time with them. First time for us. I've been to other cities with one or both, but somehow not Chicago. Mr. Sheep , of course, came with. He was more glamorous than ever, and made a few more friends :)

09 July 2015

Wise beyond her years...

"Every day is a new challenge, a new problem. The best advice I can give is to just take it one day at a time. If you think about all the things you have to do, it's kind of mind-boggling. So the best thing to do is stay calm, be patient, realize you will learn everything you have to learn. Everything just takes time. As long as you are a nice person and people can see that you are determined, smart and are being humble about things, everyone will want to help you out. It’s a great industry. Surprisingly, people have been so supportive, it's been great.”

---Sandy Liang
[Source: The Coveteur]

* * *

I must have been living under a rock, because I just found out about her. No wonder she rose to fame so quickly after graduating. Sandy is really gifted- she has a clear direction and makes seriously awesome outerwear. I am not but looking at her work has really inspired me to take up designing and sewing again! Not only that, but I recently came into some really great fabric thanks to a lovely and dear client of mine :)

08 July 2015


OOAD = Outfit of another day. Meant to post this on the day I wore it but forgot! Hah, oh well.

HELMUT LANG sweatpants
PUMA Roma sneakers

03 July 2015

June 13-15, 2015: Chicago

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Oh, Chicago. Crazy in the best way possible. Got a job offer on the Megabus + made a friend on the way up. Stayed at a great hotel, Thompson Chicago. Set a personal record as far as staying out late for a show (past 5 am). SUCH an energetic, fun show at Primary! Got to meet, talk to, hug, and toast a beer with Rustie- the producer whose show I specifically went up to see. He is the second Glaswegian to keep me up for 24 hours straight. Boo #2 status.. or more like Boo #1.01. Hudson Mohawke remains #1 haha. No worries , boobooz, there's enough room in this heart for all of you! I am now a fan of Rustie's girlfriend, Maya aka Nightwave, who opened for him to my [very pleasant] surprise. The 3 of us make a super tiny trio! Had a couple let-downs on the last day (relied on the wrong people) but they were all a learning experience. Didn't let those things stop me or ruin my good time. Had delicious food, met really good people in the most random of ways (i.e. finding their house pretty and asking if I could take a little rest on their front steps), and was able to get a room at that same hotel at the very last second at less than half price. Ended up leaving the morning after originally planned. But yeah, rewinding just a little bit... the food! I could seriously get used to every meal being awesome.