18 December 2010

TRON Legacy

It was a visual feast! The white Eames chair, white Barcelona chairs, costume design (especially Gem/The Sirens' and Jeff Bridges' outfits). Oh man. You must see it in 3-D!

Before going to see it I read reviews where people say it doesn't make sense or that the narrative/script was bad, and that it was cold. What parts of it didn't make sense? Wasn't poorly acted to me. What was wrong with the writing? Sure the storyline is pretty basic but they make up for it in so many other ways. The Grid is supposed to be the perfect digital world, of course it's going to be cold.

The soundtrack by Daft Punk was amazing. Sample/buy soundtrack on iTunes.

Read more about the visuals and costume design on Wired, and the set design on Los Angeles Times/L.A. at Home.

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