17 January 2011

Another shopping trip with Noemie, this time for cosmetics. Scored some great deals.

1. 2 essence XXXL Shine lipglosses (#04 Toffee Forever and #03 Nude Kiss), $1.99 each at Ulta.

2. 2 NYC nail colors (#246 Park Ave and #112 Times Square Tangerine Creme), $1.72 and $.93 at Walmart. More information at New York Color.

3. Attempted trying something new (inspired by Cheryl Cole), but it came out really dark. I guess it's because of my thick, black hair. I wonder if I should've developed it for double the amount of time; it's just been so long (at least 4 years) since I've colored my hair that I didn't realize that till after I'd already washed it out. I'm considering going back to the store for another box depending on how it looks tomorrow in the sunlight. On the other hand I do like how subtle it is; it's much better than the opposite having happened.

The color I used, Revlon Colorsilk #48 Burgundy, $2.92 (w/Plus Card at Kroger).

Image via Walgreens.

UPDATE 1/18: So I ended up buying a second box. Left it in for an hour like I knew I should have and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it, dark but noticeable. This time I put most of the dye on my top layers, so unlike last time, you can definitely see that the hair on top is burgundy. Sweet! :)

4. My weekend project: redoing my apartment entrance/shoe area. Was tired of my folding screen hiding a giant box stuffed with shoes, and pairs of shoes sitting on the floor taking up a lot of space. 2 x 3-shelf bookshelves that I ended up stacking on top of each other because they wouldn't fit side-by-side in my apartment entrance area. To be more exact, they fit side-by-side but made it so that I could barely open my front door. Turned out pretty well! It seems stable enough. That would suck if the shelves fell on me... $15.84 each at Walmart.

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