25 January 2011

Black Swan

Finally saw it last week, and loved it. The reason I waited so long is because I didn't want any of the hype surrounding it to be fresh in my mind, but when Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for best actress I just couldn't wait anymore. She was amazing, so deserving of the award. This is the first role I can say I loved her in. As many good movies as she'd been in I just felt like she was a meh actress riding on the success of The Professional, which she did when she was, what, 13 years old? She has finally proved herself. As much as I loved the Swan Lake costumes, I have to say I liked what Natalie Portman's character wore to practice even more! The shrugs and legwarmers, and that one grey knit tank top especially (the one in the scene where her reflection turns around- as seen in the trailer at the very end of this post).

The posters

Costume designs by Rodarte

Official trailer

UPDATE 1/29: A short article about the movie and costume design, on Net-a-porter.

And hehe, how cute is this: Black Swan acted out by kids

Update 3/12: The viral video of the moment, Sassy Gay Friend.

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