05 January 2011

Design Construction Fall Quarter 2010

A top and miniskirt I designed and made for my final project. Inspired by Clueless (the scene where all the girls are standing in line to hit tennis balls for Phys Ed, Cher's cropped tank top) and by Project Runway finalist Mondo Guerra's bubble dress (which is obvious by my choice of fabric as it's the exact same fabric). A typical/modest person would just wear either the top or skirt, but I could see Katy Perry or Rihanna werking both at once :)

I loved this class; it's what revived my passion for fashion. I doubt I'd have started this blog had I not taken it. I hadn't touched a sewing machine in YEARS. Got so excited about sewing I made things a lot harder on myself than they had to be by designing stuff I wasn't sure I could even make using techniques we were never taught, but in the end it was worth the stress. I managed to create my own pattern using the draping technique I learned from watching a Youtube video, sew this bad boy up, and now I have two things in my wardrobe I can say I made myself :) I also made a reversible tote bag, which I will photograph when it's nice and sunny out.

UPDATE 1/5 2:02am EST: Heh! How funny is this... Rihanna performing What's My Name on Letterman, werking black with white dots :)

UPDATE 1/5 4:51pm EST: Photos of the reversible tote bag I made

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