14 January 2011

Went to KTC with Noemie after class yesterday. A very successful shopping trip. Made a list, which i mostly stuck to. Loaded up on some great basics + found a pretty dress for spring. I was extremely specific about what I wanted, and am so happy that I was able to find all of them and at super affordable prices :)

Light bark Light & Lofty dolman sweater, American Eagle $13.46 ($19.95 + extra 30% off. So glad to finally have a chunky knit sweater in this color. I'd been meaning to for a while but would always get sidetracked.)

Pale peach mesh and eyelet lace dress, H&M $29.99 (So pretty! I was like "OMG MINE!" the second I saw it. Looks awesome on :) Can't wait to wear it in the spring!)

Dark charcoal stretch leggings and Black knit leggings, H&M and XXI, $9.95 and $8.80

White modal tee, Mossimo $14.99 at Target (Finally found something comparable to -and way more affordable than- the T by Alexander Wang tee I was thinking about getting.)

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