02 January 2011

Bought with the Sephora inside JCPenny gift card my boyfriend's aunt gave me for Xmas. Unfortunate how tiny a selection they had as it is nowhere near the size of a normal Sephora store, but I was very happy to find this Kat Von D palette. I've yet to actually use it since I just got it today, but from my experience at the store the colors are very pigmented, have a great smooth creamy finish/feel good on, go great with my skin tone, and all (but one*) colors are great for everyday. Clay, Tequila, Downtown, and Leather are extremely similar to the colors I already use every day (Nars Night star from the Nightlife Collection, Clinique Color Surge Super Super Shimmer in #303/Lucky Penny, and the dark brown from the Chanel no.79/Spices quadra). And It's great to finally have a simple matte black (Lucifer). A good matte black is hard to come by these days, either they're chalky or aren't just black-black but include a silvery shimmer or shimmer of another color. I read some reviews, a lot say this palette is awesome and some say it's messy. I don't know who to believe! I'll be sure to update once I finally use it.

* Dimebag, a metallic lime green. Who knows though, I may find a way to werk it, perhaps by mixing it with Leather (the matte dark brown on the far right).

True Romance eyeshadow palette in Ludwig, Kat Von D $34 at Sephora

(Yeah.... not really her biggest fan but good makeup is good makeup, what can I say.)

UPDATED 1/3/2011 2:01am EST: Oooo, pretty interior wrapping paper. Even the interior of the box looks nice, decorated with the same stars she has tattooed on her face.

Found this tutorial video on how Kat Von D uses the Ludwig palette. Holy moly she uses a lot of eyeshadow. Doesn't make sense to me to put THAT much on the brush only to tap it off.

In somewhat unrelated news, I wish they would release the right 4 colors of this palette as a quad.

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