05 January 2011

The Sartorialist

How the hell did it take me this long to check out The Sartorialist?! I had seen the blog name many times via other blogs and The Cut, but for some reason just never went to the site. Then both my Design Communications and History of Fashion professors mentioned it on the first days of classes.

Gorgeous photos. Several of my favorites:

I miss Paris and all the beautiful, fashionable people there...

I hope my man looks as badass as this guy does when he gets old :)

Looks like a Ken doll, hehe.... a really veiny-armed Ken doll, woah dude. I love his sunglasses.

Sick goatee!

She could've done without the hat. Sweet clutch, I love the color and how it compliments her jeans.

Wish I had pale skin and fiery, wavy red hair...but alas, I am a petite asian with straight black hair and tan skin...


Images via The Sartorialist.

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