27 February 2011

Had a very successful shopping trip today. Will blog about it and upload photos later. Right now I'm watching the Oscars :)

Update 2/28 1:19am

Went to Rookwood and KTC today for a little shopping (though I really shouldn't have because I've been feeling sick since waking up yesterday), because I was in search of a white mini dress comparable to this one by T by Alexander Wang. Ended up with 9 things!

Founds lots of great basics at Love Culture: a white dolman blouse with button down collar for $15.90, black knit bodycon maxi skirt on sale for $3.99 (originally $19.90), super soft heathered charcoal cropped cowl neck dolman on sale for $5.99 (originally $14.90), and 3 spaghetti strap mini dresses in black, heathered charcoal, and nude for $4.90 each or 3 for $12. Love Culture's a lot like Forever 21, except a lot better presented. They have a lot of the same things but one or the other will be a dollar or two more expensive. I only go there for basics though, because their other stuff looks and feels even cheaper than Forever 21 if you can even imagine that.

So get this, one of those spaghetti strap tank dresses is $4.90 (or 3 for $12) at Love Culture. H&M sells the EXACT same thing for almost $6 each. And even more expensive are American Apparel's at $24 or 3 for $57 (on sale). And American Apparel's look like crap! I avoid buying anything from that company whenever possible because of how shady and porny they are. For example their latest swimsuit ad. Seriously, WTF. Their window display at the one near me is super cute and totally not porny though.... 

People (especially fashion people) may find it awkward that I talk prices, but I don't see anything shameful about looking great while saving money on whatever you can. I appreciate great deals and like knowing up front how much things cost no matter how high or low. As far as I'm concerned the more you save on basics, the more extra money you have to use on your bills, necessities, to put some in your savings account for the future, or to splurge on a trip or something designer :) 

Then at H&M I got a pair of black pleather leggings for $24.95, and at XXI I found a white sheer ribbed racerback tank top long enough on me (as I'm very petite) to use as a mini dress. I got two ($3.50 each) so that I could layer them and avoid any sort of public humiliation. I plan on wearing them under the sage green silk blazer I got from Goodwill when it gets warmer out. The sizes were a funny thing, because the only difference in size was length- up top the Small, Medium, and Large all fit very similarly. 

People care so much about labels (designer and, in this case, size) that they buy clothes too small when really it'd fit/look/feel better in a larger size. I understand using the size label to keep your weight in check but nowadays vanity sizing is such a problem anyway. For example in clothes by The Limited I'm a size 0 but in H&M I'm a 4 or 6. I don't weigh myself or keep track of my size- I just look in the mirror and go by how my clothes fit. If I feel them getting a little tight, that's how I know to eat more salads without dressing and fewer chips haha. In Japan, our size Small is Large over there- so think about that! Of the things I bought today, my dolman blouse was a M, maxi skirt a S, the cowl neck dolman a M, the mini-dresses M, leggings 6 (European 36/International size S), and the ribbed tank tops L. So yeah, go by what looks good on YOU, not by any conventions. Trust me you'll feel way worse wearing that size 2 pant and having a nasty muffin top than you would had you just gone up to your true size of 4 or 6. It's actually better if you shop after you've had a decent size meal. I don't know about you all but my belly gets bigger when I eat! Nothing's more uncomfortable than a dress or pants you can't breathe in after you've eaten.

Anyway, that's enough rambling and TMI for now :) Will post photos later, I'm sleepy!

Update 3/1: Case in point.

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