23 February 2011

Anne pt.2

Spent some time with Anne again! -see yesterday's entry :) Hung out and talked while I prepared the labels with tape and put them up. I love hanging out with people like her and Margie- people so kind, down-to-earth, experienced without being obnoxious and egotistical whatsoever, and willing to share their fashion/design/art wisdom with anyone eager to learn. As little as ten minutes in a room with them is more than enough to blow your mind. Everything they say is genuine and fascinating. We talked a bit more than yesterday since this was our second time meeting each other. We talked about the differences in fashion in Korea and Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, and she showed me another technique of fashion illustration, giving me some very helpful tips on how to create volume in my fashion designs. I really like the way she teaches, because she doesn't make you feel as if you suck because you didn't do it exactly the way she would do it. It's just such an honor to get advice and knowledge from such an accomplished artist like her. Her students in Paris are so lucky.

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