14 April 2011

Also awesome and heard on Echoes tonight: Skuli Sverrisson - Seria and Drifting in Silence - Phonetic Reversal (order the full album, Lifesounds, $8.91 at Amazon). Something about these two songs really takes me back to last year when I went to Bruges, Amsterdam, and Paris for Spring break.

By the way, itunes better start watching their backs, because Amazon's full album MP3 downloads are significantly cheaper! For example, Lifesounds- $9.99 on itunes but $8.91 at Amazon, and Wounded Rhymes- $9.99 at itunes and only $7.99 at Amazon. I only downloaded it from itunes because I had that remaining balance on my gift card. A dollar or two here and there might not seem like much, but it all adds up!

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