27 May 2011

Air - Electronic Performers

Gets the creative juices flowing.

Perfect timing too, as I just found out about this site called Velvet Brigade. Have you heard of it? It's a site where you can submit your fashion designs, as many as you want. If enough members of the VB community vote on it, your product will be put into production and sold on the site. You get a copy of the produced garment , and 5% of the sales. I'm SO doing it. I'm scared but it's too amazing of a chance to pass up. Submit your designs and/or vote here. Expect to see mine up soon!

Update 3:13pm: First one uploaded! Vote for me here!

Update 4:09pm: So according to their Terms & Conditions, once submitted, your designs become their intellectual property. Maybe I'll hold off on uploading too many more just yet. Maybe just one more but I'm not sure whether or not to pull from the same collection or another. I'd still like to try winning though, so I made sure not to submit not my favorite but still one I really like :) I am competing against some awesome designers who most definitely attend(ed) fashion school. So I doubt I'll win but I'm still going to try.

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