20 May 2011

A breaking development

....in the case of the incorrectly colored shoe. Well guess what??

Image via Opening Ceremony.

A GREEN Tempest! Now how did a pair this color (Spruce) end up in a box labeled Khaki???? Riddle me that!

My latest e-mail, sent 1:36AM 5/20/2011, titled Issue with order received - if this doesn't convince you a mistake was made, I really don't know what will:

"chastity or zakhia, whichever one of you gets this e-mail:

upon further investigation, it has come to my attention that the tempest is also available in the color spruce at Opening Ceremony. this shoe is green and most definitely the same one that I have, from the color of the leather and suede all the way down to the metal part being tinted a yellowish-green. the product number of the spruce shoe is 304119 and the product number for the khaki one is 304120. but that doesn't explain how on earth a spruce shoe ended up in a box labeled khaki. especially when it is only offered in lemon, khaki, and black on alexanderwang.com. i didn't order spruce, i ordered khaki. a mistake was clearly made on the part of alexanderwang.com or somebody working at the store or the warehouse alexander wang merchandise is shipped from.

so in the end it seems the product photo does not need to be changed. but with this proof that a green-colored shoe exists, i truly hope the right thing will be done. 

thanks and i hope to hear back very soon,

I just hope that the right thing is FINALLY done. 

It is all thanks to my man, who found the Opening Ceremony page. He's a Graphic Designer, so he knows a thing or two about color. When I showed him the product photos compared to my photos, he said right away "No that's an entirely different color. Whoever reviewed these is either retarded or blind." Same goes for all my friends who saw that entry. I had no idea it was offered in Spruce, and frankly I'm shocked that AlexanderWang.com Customer Care wasn't aware. 

Update: I e-mailed corporate about my experience with Customer Care, including copies of my photos, links to Opening Ceremony and to their own website, and all e-mail interactions between myself and Customer Care. This way it's not just me vs. Customer Care, who can easily deny my claim and lie about doing anything to resolve the issue or about there being no other way to resolve the issue.

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