25 May 2011

Man, what a busy day. Classes were great today- something I never thought I'd hear myself say this quarter. In Japanese Culture we watched part of Akarui Mirai, or Bright Future, a film starring Odagiri Joe and Asano Tadanobu- my two favorite Japanese actors. I love it so far and can't wait to see the rest of it on Thursday.

A couple things about it that really caught my attention:
- sweetest-looking visitation area EVER.
- never seen someone pull off a prison uniform so well.

* * *

After class I went over to my friend Noemie's to style her for her job interview on Friday. Sadly I forgot to take before and after photos. I love styling people, but so rarely get the chance :( After deciding on what she'll be wearing, we hung out for a bit and she taught me how to make feather earrings.

The funnest part was picking out feathers. I decided to go for a little bit of asymmetry:

Besides teaching me how to make feather earrings, she gave me a spool of rose gold colored wire, which I plan on making rings and bracelets out of, and a really long skinny belt that I plan on wrapping around myself in a harness-like fashion (a great way to accessorize an oversized tee). Thanks babe!

* * *

After hanging out with Noemie I helped Margie with her office. She wasn't in her office when I arrived, so I went to the School of Design office where they referred me to the senior studios.Wow, I had no idea what anyone in this graduating class was up to- until today that is. Last year I was excited over just one student's work (Andrea Sisson). Now I have two people to be excited about this year, Alyssa Work and Mari Kasselman.

(Please pardon the strange coloring. These studios have a weird mix of natural and artificial lighting that really show up in photos taken on a cell phone.)

Alyssa Work

Mari Kasselman
These are still works in progress as the seniors still have 3 weeks left before the show.

Man I need to make some fashion designer friends who can teach me how to bring my sketches to life. All I've done is this, which is nothing compared to what these students are doing.

* * *

Then after I got home, ended up shopping...yet again. Snatched up two more T by Alexander Wang items. Damn you Outnet! *shakes fist* They so rarely get a bunch of new T by Alexander Wang stuff in that, whenever they do and I find something I like, I purchase immediately. You have to decide quick before all the good stuff sells out. I learned my lesson the hard way. There was this dress I liked but I hesitated for too long. as in a few days. By the time I decided I wanted it, it was gone. At least you can return it if it doesn't look good on you. It's better than hesitating and missing out on the chance to have it at all, and for a much lower price than usual.

Loose-fit jersey tee, $38 at The Outnet.

Asymmetric ribbed jersey tunic, $52.50 at The Outnet.

It's not often you can get a TbyAW classic pocket tee at 50% off. What's funny is that just last week I almost pulled the trigger on getting it in this color at full price. Good thing I waited.

I think both items I got will look amazing with my black Tempests.

* * *

I wasn't planning on getting anything today, but look at me now. I have realized that I have an unhealthy love of the TbyAW brand and that I've been shopping way too much lately. Seriously...when I resolve to save money, I do really well...but when I feel I have plenty extra to spend on stuff I like, I am SO BAD. I probably could've paid for a plane ticket to Paris + a few night's stay at Oops! (or a plane ticket to Japan to see my friend Jane) with the money I spent in the past couple months :( or just had it in my bank account for a rainy day.

Ok. I've decided I absolutely must control my spending. You heard it here first, I'm cutting myself off till after my birthday. No more frivolous spending! Only the necessities! I have plenty of stuff to last me a good while... especially since so many of the things I got are great staple items.

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