23 May 2011

Comes to no surprise to me that Gap's profits are down. I hadn't shopped there in ages due to most of their stuff not looking very good, as in cheaply made, poorly cut, boring, straight up fugly, and/or something I could find somewhere else for even cheaper. Until 2 weeks ago it had been 5 months since I last stepped foot into a Gap store (to get 2 things for my boyfriend for Xmas, one of which I ended up returning because it looked hideous in person). Last time I bought anything for myself there was at least a couple years ago- a pair of black 1969 straight leg jeans with zippers on the front and back pockets, on sale for like $10-15, back when they were good quality. I haven't bought a pair of black jeans since, that's how durable they are. Wasn't till very recently I found only 3 things out of the entire store (Body and Adult) that I really liked, all of which had a significant discount of 20*-50% off- not due to being on sale but for signing up for a Gap card, donating the tank top I was wearing, and basically negotiating with a computer. When searching for those things online (keywords "mesh tank," "drapey top," and "sheer blouse"), I did not once think of Gap...which I guess is one of their problems- stuff going down in style and quality and other places having the clothes for cheaper. Their holiday campaign got my attention, but as quick as they got my attention they lost it. Every time you go to their website there's always some deal going on (the latest one having been Take $20 off orders $80 or more- there isn't one at the moment but I'm sure one will pop up within the week). And with the rise of the cost of cotton forcing them and many other brands to raise their prices, it really is no wonder they're having problems making money. I guess both Gap and I are just lucky that the 3 things I found were items I really liked and the best I could find at the $20-30 price point I was willing to spend.
*20% off for a limited time, in stores

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