18 May 2011


So my Tempests arrived today. Love the shoe design..super soft and comfy sole... but it's the wrong color and there are a couple little stains on the suede :( It says on the site that all items are inspected before being shipped out... obviously somebody dropped the ball. The website photos show them as looking dark nude/brown khaki, so I was really shocked when I opened the box to find that they were khaki green (almost olive). On ssense the description states them as being khaki green but the photos say otherwise, and on Alexander Wang (where I bought them) the photos look more khaki brown and are listed simply as khaki. When I think khaki, I think of army khaki, or brown khaki. I know there is khaki green but if the shoes are khaki green, they should look way greener in the product photos (like they do in real life) and be listed as such. Here are some photos, let me know what you think.

Web photos:

Image via Alexander Wang.

Images via ssense (click to enlarge).

Now my photos. Look how green they are.


And the little stains...

E-mailed customer care and hope to get this all sorted out very soon. They have no exchange policy, and sale items can only be returned and web credit given. But the shoes are now back to their normal price, which means I'd have to pay the other half to get the same shoe again. And why should I have to pay that, and/or an extra $30 (for shipping back and forth) for something that's not my fault? Full return policy here.

I still love the Alexander Wang brand though. I have faith that they will come through in some way. I attached these photos to the e-mail, so I'd be very surprised if they were to deny my claim. It just seems that with their policy I'm stuck with them, so hopefully they might be able to compensate me with a web credit of some sort. Just stinks because even on sale I paid good money for this shoe, and was so excited. Until this issue is resolved I can't wear them :( because I have to know first whether I can send them back or if I'm stuck with them.

I have absolutely nothing against khaki green, but when I order something under the impression that it's a certain color, that's the color I expect to get. Some things are forgivable and I understand the variations in leather color but the difference in color is just too significant to ignore, not to mention the tiny stains. No one would notice unless they got up close, but I know they're there, and they should have come to me in flawless condition. I shouldn't have to settle for an inferior product just because I paid a sale price. I'd be able to deal with it if they do something good to make up for it, until then I can't say enough how disappointed I am. I expected way better.

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