23 May 2011

Goodbye green! Bonjour black!

Talked to Customer Care today. A total 180 in service :) Chastity sincerely apologized, which I really appreciated. Apparently she was not aware of the fact that the color spruce was in their warehouse, just not being sold on AlexanderWang.com. It's still really strange because she didn't even seem aware of their existence.
Even though I hated her last week and for good reason, I still felt bad and apologized for having ruined her work week. We parted ways on a happy note, both laughing as I said "Not really sure how to end the call except 'Thanks, and have a nice life.'" Anyway I got everything taken care of today- ordered my black pair with the discount applied, and sent my green pair back. 7-10 days can't come soon enough! :)

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