30 May 2011

Lesson learned

To be honest I had a funny feeling about the YSL sandals I won ever since the day I picked them up. The bottoms looked so cheaply made. Turns out I was right to doubt their authenticity. I wore them for the first time today, only for the bottoms to crumble away. Everywhere I went I left a trail of white pieces of sandal. So disappointing, because they were really cute on. The bottom is nearly broken in half and is only held together by the insole. Lesson learned: ALWAYS attend the previews. Good thing I only paid $24-25 for them and didn't try to win both. Boy do I feel bad for whoever bought the black ones for $50+. It's just so weird, because I tried them on several times without them breaking or bits of it crumbling away. Part of me wonders if it was because of how hot it was today, but then what's the point of sandals you can't wear in hot weather?

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