09 May 2011

Lita (Part II: My review)

The Litas just arrived. Honestly the heel looks nothing like I was expecting- I was expecting a dark brushed metal heel based off the photos I saw on Free People and on Solestruck, but in person it looks more like scratched wood. But it's ok, they still look really cute on, especially with jeans. Remember me talking about not knowing what to expect? In the end the suede looked more like they do on Solestruck. Perhaps they just look more distressed on Free People because of all the photos they use them for, vs. Solestruck where they're not being put on anyone's feet. Good, because I'd much rather I distress them myself. They fit really well, not tight at all (perfect for my wide-ish feet). I'm glad I went a half size up (thanks again Sandra!). Sure they would've worked had I ordered a 6.5, but one must always remember that feet swell up after a bit of walking- which is why it's best to buy shoes toward the end of a shopping trip. Also it's nice to have the option of wearing them with socks. My absolute favorite thing about these boots is how comfortable and light they are! They look clunky and heavy but are weightless...I love that :) Lastly I just want to say that I have no regrets over passing up the black leather ones. Trust me I have nothing against black leather, it's just that I think the taupe suede looks a lot less heavy and works better with both light and dark colors for Spring-Summer.

Close-up of the heel.

So cute, both on my feet...

...and off :)