13 May 2011

Ludlow Ave.

Gorgeous vintage jacket I got at The Mustard Seed, one of my favorite vintage/consignment shops in town. I've gotten some great stuff here: a vintage Missoni tank top (was part of a set but the skirt was enormous), a bright red vintage Coach handbag, and vintage Dior sunglasses.

The Mustard Seed is kind of the go to-place for the good stuff, at other places you have to dig through a lot of junk. They're quite a bit pricier than places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or St. Vincent de Paul, but that's because the owner knows about brands and prices accordingly. Basically you're just paying for convenience and shop atmosphere. Nothing's better than finding a pair Ferragamo flats for $3, or amazing oversized sunglasses in crazy shapes and colors for next-to-nothing, but it requires a lot of effort (which I don't mind taking).

I was just driving home from school when I just decided to stop by, since it had been a few months since I last checked the place out. Normally I don't find anything worth bringing home but every so often I do. By that I mean worth it to me....

So back to the jacket: It's so light and ladylike, with such intricate detail.... perfect for Spring with how up and down the weather has been...did I mention it was only $18! F yeah!

I have a soft spot for ladylike vintage because it's difficult to find things that are so pretty and made with such care anymore, not unless you want to pay an arm and a leg. My favorite thing is that they used to belong to somebody and have their own story. I will never know who used to own this lovely jacket but it's fun to imagine what kind of person she was, what kind of lifestyle she had. Only the positive things, haha.

This jacket has no brand, so I guess it was made specifically for the customer. She was tiny, just like me :)

Other photos from today:

Kilimanjaro African Heritage- one of the other shops on Ludlow Ave.
Might've gotten something had the shop employee not been so pushy...

Sweet wooden boxes @ Kilimanjaro.

An afternoon dessert- Black Forest Amaretto Torte ice cream.

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