19 May 2011

Scored some awesome deals at Gap today.

Heard of the new Gap site Say Your Price? I suck at explaining but I'll try. It isn't a sale site; basically it's haggling with a computer. It's best to first check the scrolling list of deals people have "won." The key is finding the rock bottom price. Don't just accept their first offer, keep experimenting with offers till you find the magic number. Once you find it, click yes and you can either print out the coupon on their site or have it sent to your e-mail address. And the best part is that once you find the magic number, you can do it over and over again and buy one in every color :) I did it 4 times just to see if I could, haha. The downside is that there are only 15 items available and the selection sucks. Lucky for me I really liked one of the items. (I tried my best but if my explanation wasn't clear enough, click here.)

Image via Gap.

Sheer pocket shirt (also available in black), $30 (Regular price $59.95). I got it by offering $19.

There's another cool thing going on at Gap: if you donate clothes (which will go to Goodwill), you get 30% off your total purchase (35% if you're a Gap cardholder). You only need to donate one thing to get the discount. I didn't have anything in my car, so I donated the tank top I was wearing under my tee shirt today. It was a cheap-ass Love Culture tank with stupid lace trim, which I almost never wear, so I was more than happy to get rid of it. It was like fate that I decided to wear it under my tee today of all days. This is going on until May 29, so get your lame unused stuff together! As far as I know there isn't a limit, so you could probably go in with one item every day till the 29th and get 30-35% off! It's a sweet way to save on all the newer stuff that probably won't go on sale till the end of summer. Just takes effort, and I guess whether or not the effort is worth it depends on how far away you live from a Gap store.

So I used my discount on this drapey top:

Cowlneck halter top (also available in black), $19.47 (Regular price $29.95).

And because I'm so tiny, I can wear this as a dress :) F yeah!

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  1. Cool what an awesome find. I love that they are rewarding people for recycling!