03 June 2011

Alexander Wang 40% off Spring 2011 Sale

OF COURSE my favorite brand is having a huge sale during my cut off period. It doesn't say when the sale ends, so hopefully it'll still be going on later in the month. After my previous experience with the site, I'd much rather go to the flagship and see everything in person. The plan is to wait until my trip and visit the store but don't be at all surprised (and please forgive me) if I end up caving in to this sale, haha.

I have my eye on this puppy, but cannot decide between the white or black. White is summery but black just makes the most sense. It's tough when you know you'd enjoy either one. I'm loving the new version in cocoa, but it is not on sale as it is a Pre-Fall item... 

Just a word of warning if you plan on shopping the sale online: make sure to call customer care if you have any doubts about color. Be especially wary of khaki and spruce. It only takes a few minutes and is worth that tiny bit of effort to make sure you get the right product. Trust me, you don't want to go through the hassle I went through when my item came to me in a very different color than what was depicted on the site. Anything in black or white shouldn't be a problem though. 

Shop the sale here.

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