10 June 2011

DAAPworks 2011: fashion show dress rehearsal

Though I had a lot of criticisms, I had an awesome time. It was lovely seeing Margie and getting to talk with her a little bit :)

Sadly was not permitted to take any photos, which I thought was kinda lame... but I took lots of notes, and plan on updating this post once press photos go online, as I have to work tonight and am unable to attend the show.

Found the reasons for not permitting photos a bit silly:
1. That we will post them online and pass them off as photos of the actual fashion show, affecting the fashion program's reputation. 
What's worse than pulling a stunt like that is seriously believing that a school DAAP and Macy's (the show's sponsor) would put all this money and effort into a huge show, only to skimp on hair and makeup.
2. That posting photos of the rehearsal will cause them to lose money on ticket sales.
I highly doubt that. The reason most people buy tickets to the actual event is because they want to have the full experience of a show, and for most attendees that includes full hair and makeup, having a reason to get dressed up, and the feeling of self-importance for getting tickets to such a prestigious local event. Otherwise it just doesn't make financial sense spend an extra $30-140 per ticket when you can see all the same designs and sit in a better seat for just $10.

I, for one, preferred going to the dress rehearsal. It was very casual, and without hair and makeup my entire focus was on the clothes themselves. As fun as the actual fashion show is, I'm good without all the social hoopla that comes with it. All that mattered to me was getting to see the designs. It would have been a whopping $300 for the seats my boyfriend and I sat in last night (section A, row B, seats 1 and 2). I'd much rather use that money on other things, like my upcoming trip.

* * *

Photos from before and after.

The models practicing their struts before changing into the students' designs. 

Had a perfect view from these seats. Whoever got these seats for tonight is going to love them :)

Must suck being the person in charge of tying all the chairs together, and then having to take them all apart at the end of the night.

What I wore. 

Hat: vintage.
Feather earrings: handmade (detailed photo).
Tank: T by Alexander Wang.
Bra (since it's showing ><;;; ): American Apparel.
Bag: Deux Lux.
Ring: handmade (detailed photo).
Cutoff shorts: thrifted Levi's (detailed photo).
Sandals: Alexander Wang.

Very much enjoyed the walk there and back.

Ok, maybe not so much the walk back due to my feet hurting like hell by the end of the night. Luckily there wasn't anyone around to see me limping like a fool :) 

As a student, all that matters is getting to class on time and doing what you have to do. Only by being on it after hours (or when class is in session) can a UC student realize how great our campus really is. It's easier to look at without anything or anyone to distract you from enjoying the architecture. No wonder Forbes named it among the world's most beautiful campuses

Anyway... to everyone attending the event tonight, you're going to LOVE it. This year's senior class did an amazing job, many of them going above and beyond the required 4 pieces :)

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