11 June 2011

Happy Graduation Noemie :)

Leopard hoop earrings: bought at a boutique within Porta, JR Kyoto Station's enormous underground shopping mall. (detailed photo)
Ribbed tank dress: Love Culture.
Bag: Deux Lux.

Did not attend the ceremony but met up with her at the reception. It was lovely meeting her mom, dad, and cousin who flew in all the way from France to come see her walk yesterday. As someone whose parents would never do that, I found it incredibly sweet :) I'd heard so many wonderful things about them, so it was great to finally see them in person. At the moment, they are beginning their 3-week trip across the U.S. How cool is that? I'd love to do that someday, just not when gas is $4/gal. Perhaps if I ever get a hybrid.

I regret not talking much but we were all kinda quiet. I could barely say a simple sentence in French, I was so nervous! I am sure they felt the same way about speaking English. It's amazing how much she takes after her mom, who, by the way, gave me this!

Sorry, was just a little too wide for my scanner ^^;;

I was originally supposed to compensate her for the cost, but when I asked how much it was in USD, she responded "No, it's a gift!" I was like "OMG QUOI?!?!" As a collector of Vogue Collections since last Spring (when I first saw the magazine @ CDG), this means a lot. It isn't a cheap magazine, and many hours later I am still in shock that she just gave it to me. Mme Breteil, je vous remercie de tout coeur ♥ Bisoux! 

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