04 June 2011

I LOVE this idea!

One of my favorite bloggers ever, Ivania, a 23-year old fashion blogger from the Netherlands, has just posted an entry declaring that she will be wearing the same dress for a month. It's an experiment as a reaction to the More-More-More! mentality of fashion bloggers today.

Fashion blogging really has become less about a true love of fashion and more like a giant "Look at what I just got!" fest. That's one of the reasons I decided to cut myself off for a month, not just because of my overspending but because I felt myself becoming very materialistic. When I first started blogging, I told myself I didn't want to be like that. But the in the last couple months I would get a new item in only to immediately go online and look for the next new thing to add to my wardrobe. I wasn't appreciating what I had, not even things I literally just got. Being that obssessed with superficial things is not healthy, financially or spiritually.

In just a week, I have felt a huge difference. Besides 1-2 things at the Alexander Wang sale that I wanted for a while, I haven't really wanted anything new. Of course I still look if I get a piece of e-mail that interests me, but haven't had the strong urge to get anything. Probably because all my purchases lately have been great wardrobe staples, basic pieces that can be accessorized in a lot of different ways. I plan on going through my wardrobe in the next couple weeks and donating things I never wear. It's been too long since I last did that. Anyway, I think cutting way down on shopping and minimizing one's wardrobe is a brilliant idea. It's a wonderful way of bringing one's mind back to what really matters, not how much you can spend and how often but the true appreciation of fashion and design and the art of mixing and matching your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I can't wait to see how her idea plays out. If it works and the dress doesn't fall apart after 30 continuous days of wear and washing, I have a good feeling that COS tank (as well as the longer, dress version) will jump in sales.

Visit Ivania at Love Aesthetics.

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