30 June 2011

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Savage Beauty

***Spoiler alert***
A great video but DO NOT watch if you plan on seeing the exhibit. Looking through the book is one thing, but this video walks you through all the rooms. It's better to leave that a complete surprise.

This exhibit was amazing. TOTALLY WORTH the 45-minute wait. Nothing compares to seeing the pieces in person. It was absolutely incredible how they set up the gallery space. I left with a massive urge to create using unorthodox materials. Even my boyfriend loved it, saying it was the best exhibit he'd ever seen. He came out of it with a great respect for couture, and a better understanding of my love of fashion :)

My only complaint was how crowded it was. It just annoyed me how many of the visitors didn't seem to know who he was. It's like they went simply because they heard it was popular. I overheard a lot of stupid comments about the pieces- for example "OMGawwwwd I wish I could buy those shoes! They're probably a million dollars though!" I'm just thinking "Ugh, get these people out of here, and leave this exhibit to the people who really care about his work..."

Bought one of those mini Armadillo shoes, and snagged myself an exhibit poster though I don't have any plans in the near future of hanging it up. Those two and the book are the only souvenirs worth getting; the other stuff's just cheesy. The shoe looks especially cute set on top of the book, which I got early because it's a lot less on Amazon. I completely understand the appeal of getting the book there, but you can pay for most of the shoe with the money you save by getting it before or after :)

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