07 June 2011

This entry (Fashion Above the Neck @ The Sartorialist) has me thinking about what I'd like to do next with my hair. I'm thinking something really different from what I've got going on now. I'm in love with both the cut and color of Kate Lanphear's hair and have been for quite some time. I doubt I'll dye my hair platinum blonde but definitely another color. I would definitely love this cut to start out with at least, especially for summer. Right now it's getting long..and it's cute, but it's at that awkward length, and I'd rather have a cut I don't have to fuss with every day.

Image via Coolspotters.

Image via Fashion Grunge.
Image via popbee.

Image via raww.

Image via Fashion Grunge.
Ok maybe not that short on the side and back...

Update: Cut my hair last night during one of my study breaks. Boy was I terrified but I think I did a pretty darn good job! Could go even shorter on the side and back, but I won't for now. I'm really happy with it but I know someone who won't be: my boyfriend, who is not a fan of hair any shorter than chin length, let alone a boyish cut such as this. The original plan was for me to grow it out long, and he was really looking forward to seeing it... but I was just too impatient. With this stupid summer heat, and then that blog entry getting me thinking about hair, there was just no stopping me. 

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