03 June 2011

Richard Phillips

He did these two 90-second video portraits, showing a really vulnerable, emotional side to Sasha Grey and Lindsay Lohan, two actresses with images that are far from squeaky-clean. They'll be showing at Commercial Break, as part of the opening week of the 54th International Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

Commercial Break
June 1-5, 2011
Garage Center for Contemporary Culture
Venice, Italy

Sasha Grey

Styled to perfection. I've seen The Girlfriend Experience, and really do think she has a shot at being a respected cinematic actress, despite the type of the acting she did up to that point. Full description here.

Lindsay Lohan

Even with all the trouble she's been in over the years, I think she has real talent and magnetic screen presence. So sad/annoying to see someone with that much potential and opportunity just wasting it. Hopefully she'll go down the road of Robert Downey Jr. and not Marilyn Monroe. Full description here.

I find it very interesting that he chose to do video portraits of these two, not just because of the obvious fact that they have unclean reputations but because they are opposites. Sasha started out in porn and has been trying to build up a good reputation as a mainstream actress, while Lindsay started out as this precious Disney kid, became an instant "It" girl with Mean Girls, and has since made a total mess of her life and career.

Learn more about Richard Phillips by visiting his artist page (Gagosian Gallery).

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