06 June 2011


Sorry guys, I'm afraid there was no passing this up....

Image via The Outnet.

Classic pocket tank in charcoal, T by Alexander Wang, $33 at The Outnet.
* Just a warning, in case you were thinking about getting a classic tank in the new pre-fall T color, Heather Midnight: it doesn't make sense to pay $41 more for a tank that's just the teensy-weensiest bit darker. Most people aren't T fanatics like me, and will not notice. 

Well... I made it almost 2 full weeks into my cut off period. Quite the improvement from before, where I was buying stuff 2-3x a week. As awful as I feel about having backslid, I can't help but be happy about getting something I've wanted for a while, in the color I wanted, and at 55% off.

It may have technically failed but I still consider this experiment a success in a lot of ways. I'm nowhere near as obsessed about shopping as I was just 2 weeks ago, and have gotten much better at controlling myself. Sorry again for not lasting the whole month. I'm quite sure I would've made it had this tank not been put up on the site. After all, I didn't go after the silk chiffon shirt dress I was eyeing like I normally would have. The last thing I want is for my readers to stop taking me seriously.  I have no intention on going back to my old shopping habits just because I caved in today.

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