04 July 2011

As you can tell, I'm really into the Alexander Wang brand- not as obsessed as before (less with his RTW) but still obsessed. ^^;;

The T by AW slub tee in Desert is perfect for layering and easy dressing, and another example of why I prefer off-white. While white has been the color of SS2011, I personally find it intimidating. I have many white items, but rarely wear them. It's like I'm afraid of getting them dirty, or being bright in the sun and feeling like I'm under a spotlight. White also looks gross if you get any bit of dirt on it (especially pit stains..ewww), while a little dirt can add character to off-white. Yeah... in case you haven't noticed in reading my blog, I am an overthinker.

I cleaned my closet out over the weekend-  it's depressing seeing all the clothes I got over the years and only used a zero to few times. It only took a decade but I've finally learned how to make wiser purchases- I'd rather get better quality, better designed clothes I'll use for years and pay more, than have a ton of cheap crap. There was once upon a time I worshipped XXI, thinking "Why get one thing when you can get 10?" What a difference 8 months makes! I still like thrift shopping and H&M though, and I'm still always out for a good deal and I still get some basics for super cheap. I comparison shop like crazy before coming to a final decision, especially on the more expensive things. For example, the tee pictured above... took me weeks to decide to get it, after finally finding it at its lowest price and in my size :)

Wish the slub tees had pockets on them, but that's ok. It works by itself, or under light jackets or blouses for Spring/Summer, and under chunky knit sweaters for Fall/Winter...  I love this tee! 

I find it kinda strange that you can get it for $58 or $84. It's the same case for the slub tanks in this color. When I spoke to La Garconne a few weeks ago about why it was in both the sale and new arrivals sections but for different prices, the customer service representative said that it's because it was re-released for Pre-Fall. It's the EXACT SAME product (Classic Tee in Slub Jersey, Desert), just a different product number for SS and PF 2011. Sorry but wtf!? It's all good though, as long as you know where to get it for the lower price :)

$84 at Opening Ceremony, Revolve Clothing, La Garconne*
$80 at Nordstrom
$58 at I Don't Like Mondays
* Was available in M at the sale price of $58.80 but I just checked and it isn't anymore :(

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