13 July 2011

Selling an Alexander Wang dress on my sale blog (link is on the right). Hoping it'll be bought up soon....

Update 7/15/2011:
I am sad to report that I have reason to believe I was sold a fake. How did I not notice this before I bought it, and then again in a size 4? I feel so stupid! I of course took it off of my sale blog.

2 red flags:
- The size tag text looks and feels different from the Wang dress I bought last winter from Gilt, an authorized seller of designer goods.
- The word "viscose" is spelled wrong on the label spelling out what the dress is made of.

And actually, a 3rd red flag. Upon further research, found that the measurements on her eBay product page did not match the measurements on Net-a-Porter and The Outnet, two more authorized sellers of designer goods. Maybe she measured it wrong, maybe it's a fake. Right now I'm leaning toward FAKE.

Right now, I am in the process of trying to get refunded. I messaged her to state that I need to cancel my size 4 order and that I want to return my size 6. I am completely against the counterfeiting of designer goods and CANNOT be in possession of any product I find questionable in authenticity, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my boy Wang! God, this is exactly why I am so hesitant to order from eBay. I've heard so many good things, but also enough horror stories. I feel like I'm another statistic, a victim of fraud. I'd rather send it back and it be a $60 mistake than an even more expensive one. I took it off my sale blog because I WILL NOT be guilty of selling a fake. I really hope she understands my position and will do the right thing. Otherwise, I will be forced to report her to eBay for selling fake goods and attempt to have her shut down. It would be sad, since she has gotten good reviews... but those reviews are not deserved if her stuff is fake. I'll leave her username out of this if it goes well.

Update #2: Seller has cancelled my second transaction and refunded me. Now all that's left is handling the return and refund of the size 6.

Update #3: Strangely, she responded super quickly by cancelling the transaction on the size 4 dress, but has not said anything about the sending back of my size 6. So I sent her this message:


How shall we handle the return and full refund of the size 6? 

I read
the negative comment fiandash wrote. I really hope that what he said is not true. Or I will be extremely upset and be forced to take heavy action involving contacting the corporate offices of eBay if that happens to me. 

I am not trying to be mean, I am just very serious about the selling of questionable/counterfeit designer goods. Especially when it comes to Alexander Wang, my favorite brand.

I want to believe you're a sweet person, who might not have been aware that you were selling a false product, and that you would never cheat a customer out of their money. 

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon,

Ugh, I should've said "VERY soon," for more impact. Well unfortunately, linking to that comment reveals her username.. but at this point, it doesn't matter. I know I said I'd protect her identity, but honestly, it's way more important that my readers know who she is, so that they know who to look out for when they shop on eBay. I can't just stand by and let her continue to sell her Wang dresses if they're fake. I wonder, am I the first one to notice this? I saw that she sold a few other of the same dress, which is SUPER FISHY if you ask me.. I understand a business having a lot of the same item, but an individual selling out of their home owning that many Wang dresses?

Update #4: Her response and my response to that-


we have cancelled the size 4 Wang stretch-jersey cutout dress,and full amount refund has been credited to your paypal account.We are more happy to offer refund if anyone has any suspicions of the authenticity of our items.

1.the size tag text: 
If you are familiar with Alexander wang,you will notice that there are 2 texts of the size tag appeared on his alexander wang line. one is showed on the stretch-jersey cutout dress on your hand,the other one---the letterform is smaller,and obliquer. a picture of these two size tags have been sent to your email address(c.e.slageter@hotmail.com).You can see the differences.

2.About the word "viscose" is spelled wrong,we did not realized until we saw your message,and we checked on ebay,saw someone else who is selling the same dress in black color,http://cgi.ebay.com/ALEXANDER-WANG-BLACK-HARNESS-BANDAGE-DRESS-8-XS-2-4-/180695056194?pt=US_CSA_WC_Dresses&hash=item2a1243bf42,we zoomed in the last picture of label,though it is not clear enough,we still can tell it "vicose" as well.so we think this problem should be ascribe to the designer,not us.

Anyway,what we can tell you is the dress we sold to you is 10000000%AUTHENTIC AW ITEM! 

Ok... I understand the size tag text thing. I checked my TbyAW tees and found that my classic slub tee in desert had a  size tag with similar font as the dress she sold me, and saw that many of my tees have different size tags. But those tees are from different seasons, so I can fully accept that. Ie, two of my tees from the same season have the same size tags. Is that just a coincidence? Unless someone [I can trust] has two pieces of the same collection and can tell me that they mix the tag text all the time, and with the other red flags, I can't help but have a hard time believing her.

So here's what I said:

"I accept your explanation about the size tag issue, but not the tag listing what materials the item is made of.

Unfortunately I don't have other Alexander Wang items that are made of viscose*, therefore I'm afraid I cannot believe you 100%. Especially when the item you checked your tag against was another eBay item, and not against the photos of an authorized seller of Alexander Wang merchandise. Not to mention that person's listing is SUPER sketchy, saying that a size 8 bodycon dress can fit a person who's a size 2. 

So yes, the lack of certainty about your product is enough for me to want to send it back + expect a full refund. Do you agree to this? If so I will head to the post office the second it opens, and have the dress sent back to you today. I of course will keep the receipt to prove that I sent it out to [address omitted out of respect for her safety] and have no problems showing it to you or eBay if any problems mysteriously arise. 
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,"

*Of course I have items made of viscose, as rayon and viscose are synonymous... but on my T by AW tees, they are listed as Rayon... so what I meant was that I don't have a physical example of an Alexander Wang tag with a typo, or misspelling of viscose on it.

But yeah.. How effing shady was that guy's listing? I mean, what's HE doing with "such a rare dress" first of all, and second- how the HELL can he say that these dresses run so small that a size 8 fits a size 2, when I'm a size 6 and the dress she sold me was a little loose of a fit? Which goes back to what I said about the measurements not matching up. Because according to the measurements on Net-a-Porter and The Outnet, the dress should have fit me, and this is taking into account the stretch, as the measurements for my size are smaller than what I actually am... but the size 6 I got from her was a little looser...

Also... notice how she didn't even address or deny what I said about fiandash's comment. Hmmm.....

Update #5: Another message I sent, regarding the measurements not matching-

"PS- another red flag I came across, product measurements not matching up to an official online retailer authorized to sell Wang merchandise:

Size 2:bust 84cm, shoulder 39cm, sleeves length 60cm, waist 69cm, hips 86cm, length 81cm.
Size 4:bust 86cm, shoulder 40cm, sleeves length 61cm, waist 72cm, hips 89cm, length 82cm.
Size 6:bust 88cm, shoulder 41cm, sleeves length 62cm, waist 74cm, hips 92cm, length 83cm.

Taken from Net-a-Porter:

We have provided this item's measurements to help you decide which size to buy.All measurements are in Centimetres
- view in Inches.

Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Waist Hip Sleeve Opening
0 75     70       34     45            60    82 18
2 76     72       35     46            62    84 20
4 77     74       36     46            64    86 20
6        80     76       37     46            66    88 22
8 80      80       38     46          70    92 22
10      80      82      39      46           72    94 22

For instance, in none of Net-a-porter's measurements sizes 0-10 is this dress longer than 80cm, while hers is 81, 82, and 83cm in sizes 2, 4, and 6.

Update #6: A satisfactory resolution. Well, sucks that I lost money for shipping, but at least she is willing to take the dress back and issue a refund.

Our interactions:

"we took the measurements of the actual item for each sizes.

the measurements may be slightly different when the measurements are taken by different people ,or different meassuring ways.

The net-a-porter provide the measurement for the length of Sleeve is 45cm-46cm,it is a long sleeve,not 3/4 sleeve or 1/2 sleeve,you can take any your long-sleeve dresses to see is there any possible the sleeve length for a long-sleeve dress is shorter than 55cm!!!


"I'm sure they meant the inside of the wrist up to the armpit or right at that seam that hits the middle of the shoulder, because I took out my measuring tape and 45-46cm makes total sense, while 62-66cm is much much too long. I'm only pointing out something I saw that didn't make sense. I've ordered lots of things from The Outnet (Net-a-Porter's outlet site) and never had an issue with their measurements. 

The argument that the materials label is the same as another person's listing just doesn't hold up, when that person's listing is extremely questionable. A size 8 runs so small that it can fit a 2/4? No way. It's body-con but not THAT bodycon.

The fact is that I can't trust that this is an authentic product, when certain things about the product don't make complete sense, is enough to warrant a return and full refund. As a seller who claims to only list authentic products, you should not mind when someone has an issue like this. If it is truly authentic, you will have no problems selling it again. I just suggest that you update aspects of the listing that can cause this amount of concern and questions. I just cannot take seriously a RTW item with a typo on any of their labels. I'd really like to get this situation taken care of as smoothly as possible. "


You can send the dress back for a US$189.99 refund.Our returning address is 

[address omitted out of respect for her safety]
Please ensure item is in original condition and packing,never worn.it should be sent out within 3 days of receing this message.

We have more than 1500 Positive feedbacks,only one negative feedback from "fiandash",there was a ebay dispute between fiandash and us,but ebay judged her lost the dispute because she slandered our item and tried to get the item for free.You can check her feedback and see her Average rating,you will know what kind of person she is. 

Dealing on ebay,we meet all kinds of people all over the world,someone are nice,someone are awful,but we can't choose the person who we would like to deal with.We want to believe you are a nice person as well,not like"fiandash".

We do NOT sell any questionable/counterfeit designer goods.AW is one of our favorite brand too,one our buyer,who is a sale assistant in a NY Givenchy shop,alway buy AW stuffs from us.

All your doubts have been explained one by one.Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Anyway,please send the dress back asap.

Thank you!"

"Sorry, I did not receive your latest message early enough- I was typing my response the other one at the same time. 

Wow- if that's what really happened, that's pretty crazy of fiandash, calling a dress fake then trying to get it for free. If a person really cares about authenticity, they won't call it fake and try to keep it. Like in my case, I just want to give it back to you as long as you agreed to my sending it back for a refund. 

I only had it for one day and didn't go anywhere yesterday, so I can absolutely assure you it was never worn beyond my trying it on once. 

Sorry, but what does your customer being a Givenchy sales assistant have anything to do with our issue? Is that supposed to prove anything or erase my doubt? If anything, it makes me wonder why she'd rather buy from someone in Australia rather than Alexander Wang store in Soho or the countless boutiques and department stores authorized to sell Wang merchandise... 

Yes, the doubts have been explained, but as I've said a couple of the explanations just don't hold up. 

Anyway, I will have the dress mailed out today. I will even scan the receipt and send you a copy, just so you know that it is in fact on its way back to you."

Yeah, not quite sure what she was going for there when she mentioned the Givenchy sales assistant...  Anyway, I'm just glad to have gotten this matter resolved. I'd rather lose $60 on shipping than $400 on dresses I can't trust. Had I not come across the typo and all those inconsistencies noticed, I probably would've been fine keeping the 6, just trying to sell it off, and wearing the 4. I'm glad I noticed it before I was in possession of as well as guilty of selling or trying to sell a questionable item.

Update #7: Uhoh, not over just yet. She's telling me to send it back to a Wayne, but shouldn't I be sending it back to her (Melissa)?

Update #8: She hasn't responded but I think it's fine, I think it's just a strange romanization of her last name "Wang."

Update #9: Item sent out today. I pray it all goes well :)

Update #10: Made sure to scan and send her a copy of my receipt so that she knows I sent it out. That way she can't possibly say that I didn't sent it out to her.

And I know typos are possible, it's just that I couldn't feel comfortable keeping or selling the dress with all the other things that didn't seem to line up right with me. Until someone, anyone, can step up and say that they have that same dress, got theirs from a trusted site (Ssense, La Garconne, Net-a-Porter among many others), and that it in fact has a typo on the fabric and care label, I can't help but feel that she sold me a fake.

Back to something I said earlier, how can an individual selling out of their home owning that many Wang dresses? It just seems weird to me that anyone would be able to get Wang merchandise at wholesale without having an actual, physical shop to visit. I asked her twice if she had an actual shop one could visit if they went to Melbourne, and she just ignored the question.  

Sorry for all the updates you guys. Besides wanting to make everyone aware of things like this so that you don't fall into any traps, I just wanted to be sure I had witnesses in case she doesn't pull any funny stuff on me.

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