09 July 2011

I love SSENSE. They have a lot of T by AW stuff on sale, not just out of season colors and styles but staples as well. Nowhere else will you find a classic pocket tank in black on sale for 30% off. White (another staple color for the T line) was on sale not too long ago. Even with $12 shipping to the US, you still save 15% ($10) off of the retail price.

Image via Net-a-Porter.

Update 7/20/2011- I was wrong! Found one at IDLM for $51.80- ugh, and they offer free shipping! They have one left in S and an unknown amount in M. While I'm a S in T tees, I'm an XS in T tanks...so that's sad, but in a way it makes me feel better about not noticing it before. After all, I ordered my slub tee from there. I know I looked through the whole sale, so either it's new to the sale, or I must've been thrown off by the weird paneling on the jeans they're photographed with. At a glance, I thought it was a hi-lo tank. It actually took me a while to notice it was a classic tank. Normally I just breeze through sales but this time I actually read the text ^^;;

I've yet to try getting a classic tank in S..but I like how the XS fits, even if there's a good amount of side-boob action going on. I normally like baggy but don't like my tanks to be as baggy as I like my T tees. I don't know.. normally side boob would be a no-no, but the classic tanks look awesome worn with an AA bra peeping out the sides....and if there's this much side-boob going on when I wear an XS, I'm scared to imagine how much there'd be in a S, so I'd rather not risk it.... 

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