08 July 2011

Look what came in the mail yesterday and today :) Yay, my Wang collection is growing quite nicely... WOW does that sound weird... not as weird as "collection of Wangs" at least ^^;;;

Speaking of being crazy for Wang (again, NOT what it sounds like), I had the strangest dream last night. Talk about a level of brand obsession I've never heard of before. I had a professor that looked exactly like him but was not him. At the end of class, I turned on the TV to watch Alex's latest show live- not the Fall 2011 but some future season. I didn't even care that I was going to be late to my next class. In the end the listings on my TV Guide app were incorrect- it said the show would be on repeat for several hours. I was like "Wait, this isn't his show..." and checked the correct listings. It was some designer I'd never heard of, still cool but not my boy. "I knew there was something unrecognizable about it."

Completely unrelated- Joseph Gordon-Leavitt was in another one of my dreams last night (it is common for me to remember multiple dreams I had in one night). Can't remember everything that happened, just that we had a swordfight in his apartment, that he was wearing this badass gunmetal and black cracked leather jacket, and that after the swordfight he sold me some pot. It ended with him searching the front pockets of his black slim fit jeans for the pot, the other hand still holding the samurai sword ^^;;;

Both were strange dreams, but at least neither one was terrifying, which would've been no surprise after having watched I Saw the Devil last night. HOLY CRAP that movie was disturbing. I've seen a good amount of Korean films, and enjoy myself a good revenge film, but this was the craziest revenge film I have EVER seen. I'm not saying it was bad, because it was really good, just EXTREMELY gory and difficult to watch. This movie will leave you scared to death of driving alone or waiting at a bus stop at night. Better yet, scare you from ever visiting Korea. You'll never be able to look at a yellow van the same. There were so many times I had to look away. It's actually quite astonishing how real the violence looked. I wonder if the DVD has a makeup magic/special effects featurette. Watching such a featurette would have helped take a lot of the edge off. I highly recommend it for those who think they can handle it- it's directed by Ji-Woon Kim (Tale of Two Sisters) and stars two of Korea's top actors- Choi Min-Sik (Oldboy) and Lee Byung-Hun (Three Extremes: Cut). I don't know how Choi Min-Sik does it... he is way too convincing as a psycho killer.

Don't say I didn't warn you.... watch, if you dare. Even just the trailer is pretty woah:


This was my first time making a purchase from Opening Ceremony. Meant to stop by the actual store last week but didn't have the time, so got something after I got back. They have a summer sale going on and it is the bombdiggity.

Their packaging tape, shopping bag, and tissue paper are so cute! There was even a cute postcard- the French flag, bandana-style. I'm a bit of a Francophile- so this made me extra glad I ordered these boots through them :)

Gotta love these summer sales :) Got the Frejas at 60% off, and the tee at 30% off. Like I said in a previous entry, the shirt was just re-released for Pre-Fall, so it's being sold at full price at most stores. If you like this tee and are a Size S or M, hurry to IDLM and get one before they run out. OC has the best price on this model and color boot. For Size 36s out there, it's your lucky day. Otherwise it's still available in Sizes 35-37 on Shopbop for 10% more, which is cool, because they were only 30% off last week. Quantities very limited- 1 left in 35, 3 in 36, and 2 in 37 as of right now. Shopbop also has the SS2011 Freja in Eggshell and Mustard. I'd be telling a bold-faced lie if I said I wasn't tempted ^^;;; but I think my Resort 2011 Frejas are more than enough to hold me over till the next versions come out :) 

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