21 July 2011

Looking for something good I can get with my gift card credit (since it's my only exception to my shopping ban). I'm thinking about getting these mint ballet flats by Yosi Samra. Would go so cute with nude, cream, or white tops + dark denim or black denim cropped skinnies :)

Samara flat, $42.46 at Amazon.

And/or these nude ballerina flats by Wanted. They'd go with just about everything. My only issue with them is that they're synthetic...I'm kind of paranoid about synthetic shoes (heard somewhere that wearing synthetic shoes too often can cause your feet to look nasty when you get old)..  other than that, they are the exact shade of nude I want + super affordable. What to do... I mean, I think it should be fine as long as I don't wear them all the time. 

Cindy flats, $30.13 at Amazon or $29.40 at Endless.

I'm also looking for a pair of white or off white canvas sneakers, but haven't been able to find a pair I really like- not just on Amazon but anywhere. I saw some on Topshop a long time ago, but made the mistake of passing them up. I wouldn't even be having this issue had I taken better care of the leather Born ones I got for like $11 at DSW 3 years ago. They were perfect, but was stupid and let them get totally soaked in the rain one day..not just that, I totally messed up the heel by being lazy and shoving them on instead of untying and tying them like a normal person. Sigh. Oh well...

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