04 July 2011

NJ and NY

Somewhere along the way.

Monday night, drove up to N. Plainfield, NJ to stay a couple nights with his Aunt Anna and Uncle Mike. It takes a while to get used to them because of how different they in taste and beliefs to everyone else in the family. They're more similar to James and I, which is awesome- it just takes getting used to after a few days with James' parents, with whom you have to keep everything you say PG.

Anna's fun because she loves shopping, art, and culture. She is the best storyteller- she's got a story for just about any topic, and I love her Russian accent. Mike's a hard shell to crack, which I completely understand. I'm the same way when I meet new people. It's nice because I feel like he warmed up a lot this time. He barely talked or smiled the last time. They, too have Nakashima and Danish Modern furniture, and lots of Gramps' carvings (like I said, because he straight up steals them). I think James and I are like a Mike and Anna ver. 2.0, except I am antisocial and suck at storytelling haha. And we don't steal Gramps' carvings- all you have to do is ask!

However, Mike and Anna are no different from the family when it comes to having doggies! They have two long-haired dachshunds named Hunter and Fritzy. I love Hunter especially.. he followed us around, sat on our feet, and would come to our room to say hello and hang out with us :) Fritzy was antisocial, mainly because of his lack of mobility. He just wasn't very interested in hanging out, like "You come see me if you're interested- I'm not about to put myself out there and make an ass out of myself for a couple people I barely know. That's what Hunter's here for," haha. Both barely bark, except for when someone comes to the door.

Hunter, begging Mommy for a snack.

Hunter, with Mr. Sheep!

Tuesday James and I took a day trip into NY to see the Savage Beauty exhibit at The Met and do a little shopping in Soho. Other than the couple of souvenirs I got at the exhibit, I got a jacket from Topshop, a bracelet from a street vendor, and a sheer black tunic top from H&M. With the 20% coupon I got for signing up for H&M e-mails and the $25 gift card Nick and Cindy got me for my bday, I didn't have to pay a cent :)

Tuesday morning breakfast- bagels with French butter and Ricotta cheese + raspberries dipped in hazelnut spread..Mmmm.

NYC in the distance.

(Used the Instagram app for all photos taken on this trip, and applied the Sutro filter on most of my NY photos.)



My street style shot of the day. I felt super creepy taking a photo of someone without their knowledge.
Methinks it's better to leave street style photos to the professionals.

The Upper East Side.

The Met.

Worth the wait :)

Central Park.

Guess where I am?

A: My boy's flagship :)


Tuesday night dinner with Mike and Anna @ Daimatsu.

Wednesday morning before we left, Anna cooked us scrumptuous French toast using baguette and took me to some secluded TJ Maxx that has Versace, Alice + Olivia, Adam, Marc Jacobs, etc. Even saw a Stella McCartney Falabella tote there. I scored a Helmut Lang tank for $20 :) What's awesome is that I'd seen it on Gilt and liked it a lot, but found their sale price of $60+ a little too much...so to find it in TJ Maxx of all places and at that price was sweet. My NJ outlet purchase of this trip :)

Especially yummy with Ricotta cheese + blackberry preserves.

Fritzy, being antisocial in his dog room.

Oh Hunter, why you gotta be so cute?!  ><;;

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