01 July 2011

Philadelphia (Part I)

Started our drive on Friday night after I got off work. Left at 10pm, arrived at 7am. Wasn't able to get any sleep because I was kinda nervous and wanted to keep James company as he drove.

Saturday, was greeted by a very excited puppy, and with a nice, warm breakfast. Best nap ever. Late afternoon, went to Gramps' & Grandmother's for hors d'oeuvres and then to a nearby restaurant to celebrate their 65th Anniversary. Man that's a long time to be together!

Besides that, was shocked when Gramps gave me one of his badass wood carvings. All I did was say how much I liked it. Next thing I knew it was mine :) I've been so lucky to be given the one I like most, one each time I've visited. He has made a ton of them- James has a few, his uncle Mike has many (but that's because he straight up steals them)... but I still love my two the best :) Here's a photo of the other one.

Thank God for our safe arrival. 
Brought Mr. Sheep with me :)

Nakashima Mira chair.
This thing's older than I am!

Buster, the Bacons' new puppy. Such a good, sweet doggie...

Gramps' house is filled with Danish modern + Nakashima furniture. 
He was a good friend and loyal client of George's.
One of his wood carvings (portrait of George) is in Nakashima's tea room.

Badass wood carving he gave me.
It's about a little girl who wanted to wear her sister's mask.

Sunday, went to church. Had a belated birthday lunch, and spent the rest of the day hanging out with James' older brother Nicholas and his wife Cindy. The cake his mom made me was SO GOOD- dark chocolate cake with raspberry preserves in between the layers, chocolate icing, chocolate shavings, and fresh raspberries on top. Just as I requested :) 

La Maison Bacon :)

Mrs. B's veggie garden. 
Almost everyone on this side of the family has one.

Roxy & Zoey, Nick and Cindy's dachshunds.

Monday afternoon, drove around and had lunch at James' favorite breakfast diner. I had the stuffed home fries, which are basically scalloped potatos, fried, with lots of cheese, bacon, spinach, and mushrooms on top. Yum. Then for dinner his mom made Stromboli- sounds like it's from Italy but it's actually a Philadelphia thing.

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