05 July 2011

Philadelphia (Part II)

After breakfast with Anna, spent the last afternoon of our trip with Gramps and Grandmother, had an outdoor dinner with James' parents, and hung out with Tim (one of James' friends since childhood).

Gramps' famous grilled cheese and milkshakes. 
I don't know what he does- we once bought the same ingredients and tried recreating it but couldn't.

If I'm remembering correctly, his garden contains somewhere around 350 types of rhododendrons. 

Gramps showing us his massive vegetable garden.

A Katsura tree.

Left on Thursday morning. Buster was super cute before we left, as if he knew we wouldn't be back for a while. 

James was such a trooper- he drove for 9 hours straight, while I napped a lot of the way. While it's nicer driving at night because there's less cars and trucks on the road, James functions way better when it's sunny out, so even with more traffic I felt safer. That is probably why I kept falling asleep. Anyway we made it home in one piece, and with 0 speeding tickets :)

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