12 July 2011

The second I saw Karen Walker's Fall 2011 Von Trapps , I knew I needed a pair of oversized John Lennons... but didn't want to pay $329 when I knew there just had to be a more affordable pair out there. Couldn't think of anywhere that sold them, so I just gave up on them. But then today I logged into Lookbook.nu because I got a message from some girl whose page I've never seen, which was weird... anyway, I'm browsing peoples' pages and found this adorable girl named Bebe Z. Her glasses were to die for! Found out they're from Cobrasnake, but was disappointed to find that they were sold out in the black rim. I e-mailed them to see if there was a waiting list I could get on but never got a response or even an automated e-mail saying they at least received my message. After searching and searching, finally found a pair on CocoeRow's Etsy. Needless to say, I got them. Took me a bit of time to decide whether or not to wait to hear back from Cobrasnake, but eventually I decided no. It even looks like they got them from the same vendor, which is awesome. Spanish Moss sells the same pair for a whopping $48. Ok, $48's not whopping at all (especially compared to the price of the Von Trapps), but for a pair of sunglasses you can get for $24-28 it is. I guess they're counting on people (like myself) wanting them really bad, not knowing where to look, or finding them sold out on Cobrasnake and jumping at the chance to get them once they see them.

Image via Karen Walker.
Von Trapp sunglasses, Karen Walker $329 at Karen Walker

Image via Bebe Z's Lookbook.nu page.
Almost Famous sunglasses, $24 at Cobrasnake (unknown amount for shipping)

$28 ($8 shipping) at CocoeRow's Etsy. Crappy image, but hey, all that matters is that they're the same. By the way, she has two awesome leather jackets for sale, one that looks very Balmain and another that looks very Rick Owens. 

Image via Spanish Moss.
Joshua Tree sunglasses, $48 at Spanish Moss.

K guys, I'm thinking that I really need to not shop for a while (unless it's with my Amazon gift card credit). I probably shouldn't have bought what I bought today, but I think it was my way of celebrating my dad not freaking about the little dent I put in my car and not having to spend $1,100 to fix it. Anyway, I'm going to try not shopping for the rest of the month- starting right now. I was actually considering 2 months since I really do have everything I need. In fact, I have a lot of stuff to put up on my sale blog. It's just that it's probably better to start off with something more realistic. 

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  1. Hey girl, thanks for emailing me on lookbook I really appreciate it. I picked them up from the Cobrasnake actually. They came back in stock. Shipping wasn't unreasonable and I got them today, super fast!

    Once I received them I thought, man I'm so dumb I could have gotten a dozen of these from a wholesale glasses vendor for $20 which is what all of these companies are doing. But you know impulse buying. Should always think online purchases through. :/