04 July 2011

Several seasons later and I still love this SS2010 Alexander Wang dress. In my mind it looks good no matter what trend is going on. My favorite thing about it is that it's off-white, so a little more relaxed than if it were straight up white. I also like that it's RTW, so a little more detailed, but just as casual to me as his T line. Just throw it on with some black combat boots, or nude sandals.. add a slouchy leather backpack or bag, or Diego bucket bag in black, brick, or beige and you're good to go.

Images via The Outnet UK.

203.48* GBP($328 + $49 duty tax + $48 for shipping) at The Outnet UK**, or $189.99 (+$28 shipping on US orders, because she's from Australia) on eBay.

*even though it says 240GPB on the product page. I added to cart just to see what duty tax and shipping would be, and noticed the price difference. What's cool is that you can order from The Outnet UK, it just costs an arm and a leg more. I suppose it's kind of worth it for people who want items that are no longer available on this side of the pond. The only crappy thing is that with the price conversion, duty tax, and shipping, you're not paying much less than the original price. The Outnet UK has a better selection of Wang RTW, somehow. I guess less people buying since it's more expensive internationally. 
** If you click the link, it takes you to the American page, and says the product is no longer available. Change country here.

It was actually kind of an accident that I bought it^^;; I'd never gotten anything from eBay before, so I thought there'd be more to making a purchase than clicking "Commit to buying," but nope. Ah well, I know I would've gotten it anyway... because I've loved that dress since forever. It's nearly 2 years old now but is timeless, in my opinion, as long as I can keep my figure that is. Now I have 2 dresses from that collection, which is cool because I LOVED that collection.

Today's my first time watching any runway footage of this collection. I'd only ever viewed the collection photos. What a surprise to find out that he used Major Lazer's Pon de Floor! Surely you've heard it before, Diplo sampled it 2 years later for both Beyonce's Run the World and Nicola Roberts' Beat of my Drum. Hehe, you can see both my dresses if you pause it at 1:22.

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