11 July 2011

Sorry to sound like a hater but I just have to say this. I don't mind bloggers who upload photos of themselves every once in a while or maybe 1-2 each post (4 or 5 at the most)... but the ones who upload their looks ALL the DAMN time and 5-10+ photos each post (cough, cough) get on my damn nerves. Style blogging is narcissistic enough as it is without including a million photos of yourself. It's like everyone's trying to be an editorial model, and almost always sucking at it. If you're going to include that many, they should at least be closeups of the details of your outfit + not photos of yourself over and over again, just in different overly-dramatic poses. It's like, "We get it. You're cute, young, and can afford ridiculously expensive things ALL the time." I just prefer people who are a little more modest and show restraint in showing off their latest purchases. Sandra of 5 inch and up is really good. We have very similar tastes in accessories :) She includes good amount of photos of herself but they're not obnoxious, zoom in on the various details of her outfit of the day, and are taken really well. One of few bloggers I know of who are good at striking a pose. Ivania of Love Aesthetics, for me, is my ideal fashion blogger- because she has great taste, beautiful photos, and is more about the art of fashion rather than the materialism of it.

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