29 July 2011

Wish list: NARS

My favorite makeup brand. 

Thing is, I have a lot of makeup I still haven't finished up (including 3 NARS blushes), and 3 eyeshadow palettes I haven't even opened yet. I'd feel really guilty getting anything new, so I won't- for now. A girl's allowed to dream though :) 

Bento Box, $125. [Special Editions]
The crazy thing is that I probably wouldn't use it even if I got it, it's just too pretty! It'll be the Chanel trompe l'oeil tattoos all over again ^^;;

Exhibit A blush, $27. [Cult Classics]

Desire blush, $27. [Blush]

Dogon duo eyeshadow, $33. [Summer 2011]

Images via NARS.

Outremer matte eyeshadow, $23 [Fall 2011]
* Look out for this IKB, not just in makeup but in various Fall runway collections (Jil Sander, Rag & Bone, commun, 3.1, Roksanda Ilincic, Proenza Schouler, etc).

In other makeup news- MAC might just become my second favorite cosmetics brand, depending on how well the Cindy Sherman and Gareth Pugh collaborations go.

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