22 August 2011

Epic FAIL.

Failed my latest ban after just one week :(

It's just that I've been wanting a pair of black ankle boots for fall, and these Fall 2010 Wangs were exactly what I was looking for.

And right after making a car insurance payment, too. Sorry bank account, I hope you can forgive me. Looks like another ban is in order...

Image via The Outnet.

Jacquelyn leather platform ankle boots, Alexander Wang. $245 at The Outnet.

Like I've said before, sometimes items on The Outnet take months to sell out, sometimes just ten minutes. There was no way I was going to risk losing out on these. Normally it takes about a week (sometimes more) of obsessing and contemplation, but with these I just knew right away.  

These being a few seasons old, I was shocked to see them among The Outnet's new arrivals. I remember seeing and loving the hairy, treaded version (aka Polina) late last year, back when I first started this blog. Anyway, I didn't know a more basic pair like these even existed, or would still exist after this long. 

Hopefully they work out as well as I'm imagining. If they don't for some reason, I can always return them. The Outnet has a good return policy. $7.95 for return shipping isn't bad at all... much better than keeping an expensive pair of boots that don't fit well or look right.

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