02 August 2011

Go me :)

Made it through my 3-week self-imposed shopping ban. There were a couple times I came close to breaking it, but stayed strong. Through it, I realized how much I already have..that I don't need to shop. Learned how to appreciate what I've got, which is a good amount. I have so much I need to get rid of. Sold a couple of things via eBay and my sale blog, which is awesome, but I still have a ways to go. Thinking about just donating a ton of it, the stuff I highly doubt would sell, to free up space + just so I don't have to worry anymore. Oh, and to do something good..haha.

While it started out as a way of keeping myself on a leash, it ended up changing my way of thinking about shopping. Consumerism is such a dangerous thing. There's a fine line between collection and straight-up hoarding. I realized I had a problem- I was being too impulsive at times. And it's too easy to fall for trends. Things come and go- and unless the world ends in 2012 there'll always be future seasons. No need to get all the new stuff the second it comes out. So so soooo glad I've gotten into more simple clothing and minimalist style. Ah the wonders of layering and knotting :) I finally understand why Angelina Jolie always dresses in black and neutral colors. Same reason I love T by Alexander Wang- you could go into your closet blindfolded, and come out looking perfectly put together.

It's also good that Cincinnati lacks options of where to shop, that way I am not as tempted by things I see in person. All I need here is an H&M, and an XXI (where I go for leggings and Y-back tanks. Sometimes I find some random, awesome item.)...though it would be awesome to get a Zara and Topshop.

I realized it's just so much better to save up for better designed, better made things- things that'll last a really long time and surpass trends.... or just to have.. in case, you know, I hit my car on a pole pulling out of a parking space- again. ^^;; I've always been about quality over quantity about most things... it's high time I adopt that philosophy about my wardrobe :)

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