05 August 2011

Had the best day with Jane, after months of not seeing her :) She left The States in March to teach in Japan.. not as a typical English teacher in Japan who teaches at an elementary or junior high school under some huge teaching company like NOVA, but as an actual professor at a university. Summer vacation just started there, and she's back for 3 weeks to visit :) So happy I got to see her today, on her first full day back :)

We spent the day in, just lounging around, pigging out, and had a movie/tv marathon. We watched Killers, White Collar, Necessary Roughness, and Moonstruck. Nic Cage was quite the stud back then! WHAT HAPPENED?! ^^;;;

* * *

Also today:

Bought a couple T by AW items. The Outnet just got a crap ton of great items in, including the dress I tried on at the flagship but did not get because I needed an XS (the only one they had was an S). So I got it- in the size I needed and for 15% less than it would've cost in store and on their site. I also got a classic tee in black from SSENSE's Summer sale. Tried for 2 days to talk myself out of it, but there was no walking away from that 30% discount. Snagged the last one, it turns out :)

Image via Alexander Wang.

$51.75 at The Outnet. Still available in sizes 6-10.
*Omg, I can't wait to wear this with my RST2011 brick Freja boots! 

Image via SSENSE.

$52 at SSENSE. 
* Well $64 including shipping. Wish they had a warehouse in the USA so that shipping didn't cost so much. S'ok though, that's still $12 less than the original price.

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