10 August 2011

How much do celebrities influence your decision to purchase a particular fashion magazine?

Image via WWD.

It should be more about the content than who's on the cover, but sadly it is not.

I understand being a big fan of someone, but their interview is just one tiny part of the entire issue. It's like buying an entire album for a 2-minute song that may or may not even be that good.

I'll admit I've been drawn to magazines for who's on the cover, but not just celebrities I like. For example, I hate Katy Perry's music + I do not care much for her as a person, but I'll still pick up and browse through whatever fashion magazine she's on. Like when you Facebook stalk someone you dislike, just so you can say "Ugh!" and hate on them some more ^^;;;

I only ever buy the March and September issues, regardless of who's on the cover + Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter Collections issues. It's much less frustrating that way. Not to mention most celebrity articles are posted online, either on blogs or on the magazine websites themselves.

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