16 August 2011

Little Dragon

You may remember Yukimi (aka Little Dragon) as the female vocals on SBTRKT's Wildfire single. Never occurred to me to look up some of her (+her band's) music, till just now. Instantly addicted, and now full-on obsessed! Favorite tracks- From their Machine Dreams album: Feather, Blinking Pigs, Thunder Love, and Come Home. From their Ritual Union album: Ritual Union, Little Man, Please Turn, and Crystalfilm. I had no idea they were Swedish! My first thought upon finding that out? "Of course they are." No, seriously, it surprises me how much amazing music comes from that depressing-looking place. Sorry Sweden, it's not your fault I feel suicidal just looking at you.................. Ok, maybe it is, a little bit ^^;;


Blinking Pigs

Pardon my French, but those dance moves are FUCKING AWESOME.

Thunder Love

Come Home

Ritual Union

Little Man

Please Turn


Machine Dreams, $9.49 at Amazon (or $9.99 at iTunes- comes with a few remixes)
Ritual Union, $5.99 at Amazon (or $7.99 at iTunes)

Other links:
- Official site.
- Myspace.
- Facebook.
- Official Youtube.
- Follow @LittleDragon on Twitter.
- Soundcloud.
- "One day we bought an auto tuner" -pay particular attention to 0:26-0:37 and 1:02-1:20 :)

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