29 August 2011

Masaya Kushino x Les R.mond

Captivating, haunting... except for her tramp stamp ^^;

Those Kushino boots are TO DIE FOR.

Try watching this video with dark reddish-tinted sunglasses, if you have a pair. I don't know what made me want to take off my normal eyeglasses and put on my burgundy tinted prescription sunglasses, but I'm glad I did. Something about the tint makes the video seem more HD, the lighting appear just as I remember Paris at night, and gives the light emanating from her boots a more mysterious incandescence. 5 simple steps and you'll feel almost as if you're right there.

Step 1... Cut a hole in the box! Just kidding (so dumb^^;;). Click "Watch on Youtube"
Step 2... Change it to 1080 HP
Step 3... Expand to full screen
Step 4... Put on sunnies and hit play
Step 5... Enjoy!

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