11 August 2011

Noticed a couple things about a purchase that arrived today...

1. Any hardcore TbyAW fan knows that the black T goes in front of the white label. Well, the tag it came with had obviously been untied and retied, and put back in the wrong order.

2. The tag looks as if someone went at it with scissors.

So I complained to SSENSE about it. Nobody should have to settle for a designer item arriving in less-than-perfect condition. I was polite about it, and hope they'll give me some sort of partial refund. Trust me, I'd be raising absolute hell if it was a $2,000 Lanvin dress. Whether it's a $52 sale tee or a full-priced $3,500 Comme des Garcons coat, the label should never be cut in any way + the item should never appear returned or carelessly handled.

Update 8/22/2011:

"Hi Camille,
Thank you for sending the photos.
After further review of your case, we would like to offer you a 10% discount on item T BY ALEXANDER WANG Classic Pocket T-Shirt 52.00 USD, as a courtesy and this will save you the hassle of having to ship the item back to us.
Let us know if this suits your interests and we will apply the credit accordingly. If not, we can go through the return process for a refund of the item.

Best Regards,


SSENSE Customer Service"


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