08 August 2011

Project Runway Ssn 9 Ep1 favorite: Olivier Green

The challenge was to use whatever they wore as pajamas + 1 sheet from their bed.

My hands-down favorite was Olivier's. Minimalist + sexy and classy at the same time :)

I also loved Victor's:

So classy, something I could be seen worn at a luncheon or some sporting event some rich New Englander or Kate Middleton would attend. I don't know what he used from his pajamas but I'm betting this dress is super comfy as it seems he mostly used bed sheets. Super well made. I only wish he'd done SOMETHING with the model's hair, because his accessories selection was perfect...

Extremely safe, but well done + nicely styled.

Images via The Cut.

Not my style but super cute. Just remember that there is a PUKING CLOWN on it! It is both hilarious and awesome that she found a way to incorporate it, and it not turn out a complete train wreck.

Did not care for anyone else's at all, and did not think Bert deserved to win. Was surprised they awarded him the win with how poorly the bottom fit. They're normally such sticklers about length and fit.

Other first impressions:
- Olivier doesn't even need PR to be successful. He has amazing talent and taste. His "Before Runway" stuff is wow, gorgeous. But WTF is with his fake British accent?! So what if he moved to London "at age 16, by himself," he was born in Columbus, Ohio.
- Ugh, Anya needs to just get kicked off. I love her personal style (especially her hair) but am f'ing SICK of her CONSTANT "I've never done this before," "This is my first time ever" bull crap. A few times is ok, but all the time? How can someone be taught to sew 4 months ago in preparation for a tv show ("with lots of help") and not have made every type of garment at least once? What's sad is that the judges totally buy her act. Her pants weren't bad, but she annoyed me so much that I'm choosing not to include a photo of them in this entry.
- Bert seemed like he used his sob stories to make it onto the show.
- Wow, sucks for that one girl who postponed her Icelandic wedding to not even make it onto the show. She did, in a way..only to look completely mental for postponing a wedding that had probably been planned for months just to be on a show.

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