13 August 2011

Project Runway Ssn 9 Ep3 favorites: Laura + Anthony Ryan

Image via The Cut.

This challenge was straight-up stupid, if you ask me. The infamous unconventional challenge was just last week, so to hear "We want you to think outside the box" again was just like "Erm, ok." I guess the point was to prove how well people could sew + tailor, but there are much better ways they could have done that. They could've done a plus-size challenge or something- and not just the fashion world's definition plus size, but real-life plus size.. to put it bluntly: morbidly obese people. It was especially uncomfortable watching the stilt models limp awkwardly down the runway, trying so hard to be dramatic. Sigh. I was disappointed by the total lack of creativity. I know exactly what I would've done, but will never say- you know... just in case I ever decide to try out for the show and this stupid-ass challenge ever comes up again. This episode just seemed like a desperate cry for ratings. And that they were randomly partnered up? BS. The pairings were just too convenient.

On the bright side, I'm glad Fallene got kicked off. While I enjoyed her headpiece, all her crying and whining was f'ing irritating. Sure he was bitchy about it, but Bryce was crystal clear about the importance of cutting on the grain. All she had to do was ask him to check her work or ask him for a quickie lesson, but no- she was too busy priding herself on being self-taught & weeping about how useless she is. Whatever, she was way too insecure to be a PR winner anyway.

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